Producer & Converter of Adhesive Materials

Pressure sensitive adhesive


& competence

Over 30 years' experience in the production and converting of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) self-adhesive materials. We are a reliable family company that attaches great importance to lasting relationships with clients.

We are a supplier of various market segments. Our activity in the field of technical products provided solutions for global customers on the shipbuiling, machine, transport, electronic, automotive market, producers of household goods and special products. We advise and improve products in rehabilitation equipment, toys and advertising. Our seals, insulations and gaskets are widely used in construction. We constantly adapt to the needs and inquiries of the maret. Our R&D always go forward to new quality and innovation.
Nasza oferta

Transfer adhesive tape is an adhesive film without carrier or reinforced by scrim. Our basic types: acrylic, waterbase, solvent and hotmelt.


Self-adhesive foams, foils, non-wovens, laminates, papers made of our materials, and adhesive coating services.


Adhesive tapes (single-sided and double-sided), parts, cutted, die cutted elements, shapes, laminates.